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Mega bundle Set

Mega bundle Set

  • HARNESS THE POWER OF NATURE - Our cedarwood moth repellent hangers also reduce odours and provide a fresh scent. The delicate oils within our wardrobe moth repellent possess a natural quality to get rid of moths. Every 3 months, just give our hanging moth repellent blocks a light sand with the sandpaper provided to ensure our clothes moth repellent for wardrobes remains excellently effective.
  • A REINVIGORATING & SENSATIONAL SCENT - Our cedar wood moth repellent for wardrobes are painstakingly sourced to ensure it's packed with the all important anti moth essential oils. Whether in your wardrobe, drawers or cupboard storage, our hanging moth killer blocks will illuminate the atmosphere with a cosseting cloud of moth deterrent properties to ensure holes in your clothes, odours and excess moisture in your wardrobe are distant memories.
  • PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS PLANET - We created our anti moth hangers for wardrobes to be long-lasting and sustainably sourced. Our moth repellent hangers for clothes reduce chemical and plastic use. Just pure, sustainable and effective eastern red cedar wood. Nothing else. Join the eco friendly revolution with our anti moth products.
  • MULTIPURPOSE & VERSATILE - Our hanging moth killer for clothes includes cedar blocks with durable metal hooks. Our moth stop cedar hangers can be placed in drawers, closets, shelves, on your hangers or even shoes. As our hanging moth repellent blocks are 100% natural, they can touch any fabric directly and won't stain or emit any smell on clothes. Our moth killer blocks also reduce mustiness, absorb excess moisture and keep your wardrobe smelling delectably fresh.
  • NO MORE HOLES IN CLOTHES - Protect your clothes the natural way with our sustainable hanging moth repellent. We've designed our anti moth hangers to incrementally release essential oils to repel clothes moths. Instead of using low grade plastic, our mothballs can last years, simply sand the surface to keep the anti moth cedar oils flowing.
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    Long-lasting and sustainably sourced these Cedarwood Hangers eliminate the need for any chemicals or plastics to be used.


    Our products are made with our planet in mind. From the actual product itself to the packaging we use.


    We make products that last. We only use the highest quality materials and ensure they are lovingly put together.


    We think going with eco alternatives should be kind to your wallet too. Every product we make is designed with this in mind.